Financial Planning is a process that brings together all the different aspects of your financial life to meet your goals.

It's more than just investing in a few stocks or mutual funds or buying an insurance policy.  Financial Planning makes sure your investments, insurance, taxes, and estate plan are aligned to meet your goals.  

How do we do this?  

Our Financial Planning Process:



We find out what's important to you and your family?  What are your goals?  What keeps you up at night? 


Once we understand your needs, we create multiple paths to get there.


We don’t make
recommendations and walk away. We're here to help choose a solution and follow-through.



We use the latest technology to track and measure your progress.



Are we on the right track? Have your priorities changed? Do we need to fine-tune anything? 


What Can I Expect As A Client?

Review & Recommendations For The Core Elements Of Your Financial Life

We analyze your Risk/Insurance, Tax Opportunities, Benefits, Estate Plan, College Savings, Student Debt and more.

Investment Review & Asset Allocation Recommendations

What are you currently invested in?  Does this match up with your risk tolerance?  We provide you with the portfolio built to meet your goals.

A Commitment To The Process, Not A One Time Plan 

Receiving a one time 25 page financial plan sounds impressive. However, in reality it's often overwhelming and rarely gets implemented.  At Lake Road Advisors we put you in a position to be successful, so we wont bury you with a another 100 items for you to-do list.  We take a measured approach and tackle one fundamental area at a time.  We provide actionable steps to help you implement your plan.


Priorities will change.  Markets will rise and fall. Often overlooked, the behavioral side of finance can derail your plans. We arm you with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who can help you weather these storms.   

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