Financial Planning For Working Parents with Young Families

Simplify your finances and build a path forward

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Financial Planning for Young Families

As a parent, you’re no stranger to multitasking. You want to make the most of family life now with the travel and experiences you enjoy, without falling behind on preparing for your children’s future. Planning activities, saving for college and retirement, and making sure your finances reach their full potential takes careful planning and attention.

Whether you’re feeling confident, confused, or overwhelmed about your financial plan, there’s always a good reason to work with a financial planner.

​A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ can help you maximize your finances and point out any blind spots.

When you work with the team at Lake Road Advisors, you’ll get an ongoing, unbiased partnership to help you make financial decisions with confidence and gain greater peace of mind.

When you meet with one of our financial planners, we’ll get to know you and understand your financial life.  Then, depending on your goals, we’ll help you:

  • Build a complete, well organized understanding of your financial situation
  • Understand where your money is going and align spending to achieve your goals
  • Invest your money wisely, understand risks, and build wealth over time
  • Invest in your children’s future, including their education
  • Map out a realistic and achievable plan for your current goals and retirement
  • Follow proven methods to stay on target, with experts by your side every step of the way

Save Time

Our team takes the workload off your plate—so you know your investments and financial future are in good hands.

Stress Less

When it comes to money, it helps to get expert advice. We’re upfront and realistic with you, so you feel confident.


Reach Goals

Our team helps you get to your short- and long-term goals, whether it’s saving for a home, education, or retirement.

Get Accountability

Our team will encourage you, but also keep you accountable. We do everything possible to make your goals a reality.

Feel Organized

Bank accounts. Investments. Insurance. We’ll help you organize your whole financial life.

There’s no such thing as one “perfect” financial solution. You need a plan shaped to fit your strengths and put you on track for your goals. Our role is to understand your priorities, provide you with the tools and education to build a clear plan together, and support you as new questions and life changes arise along the way. Here’s how we’ll get started.


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Working with Lake Road Advisors:

A Case Study

Want to know what it's like to work with Lake Road Advisors? Download our case study to hear from a current client on the challenges they faced and the results they received.


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Reduced debt

Improved budgeting

Increased savings for retirement & college

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