Investing Tailored To You

 You shouldn't be investing like your neighbor, parents, or financial advisor.  You should be investing for your goals.

We have partnered with Betterment to offer our clients a smarter way to invest.  Together we build a portfolio that suites your specific needs and risk tolerances.

Our Approach Is Simple, We Focus On What We Can Control & Don't Listen To The "Guru's"

We purchase low cost index funds, regularly rebalance your portfolio, and diversify across industries and the globe.

We don't buy individual stocks, try to time the market, or focus on one sector or country.

Why Do I Need Lake Road Advisors To Invest?

While you can easily make investments in low cost index funds on your own, that's only a piece of your financial plan.  More importantly, it's extremely difficult to avoid the common pitfalls that investors face that cause them to under perform and not reach their goals.

What are these common mistakes and behavioral biases investors face? 

 Buying high, selling low? Buying your company stock because you know its a good company? Chasing the latest investment fad?

Let us help you make better decisions.