Why I Started Lake Road Advisors

Last week, I founded Lake Road Advisors, a financial planning and investment advisory firm.  Since my launch, many people have asked me, “Why did you start your own business?” 

I started Lake Road Advisors because : 

  • I want to help people. Many individuals feel overwhelmed when thinking about their personal finances. They don’t know where to start, where to go or who to turn to for help.

  • I believe financial planning is misunderstood. Often times, traditional banks and brokers are just selling investments and not providing true financial planning services. While knowing where and how to invest is important, it’s only a small piece of the puzzle.

  • I don't believe active investment management is the best solution for most clients.

  • I believe investment advisors should be transparent with their fee structure. Far too many people do not understand how their investment advisory fees are calculated.

This blog will focus on providing information that will help you make more informed financial decisions. Posts will address the topics referenced above and more. 

I hope you find these posts interesting and helpful.  ·