Lake Road Advisors, an independent fee-only financial planning firm based in Binghamton NY, works with families and business owners across the country who want to ensure they are making smart financial decisions today and for their future.  

You want to buy the perfect family home, take memory-building vacations, save for college, build your business, or save for your future.

But trying to navigate your way through the complex world of finance seems like too much to tackle. Between work, taking care of the house, and wrangling kids, you don't have the time (or often the desire) to become an expert, let alone know where to start.

Lake Road takes the angst out of financial planning. You bring the goals, we'll bring the expertise, and together we'll create a plan.

 We are independent, fee-only planners. We'll never try to sell you something you don't need, because we don't work on commission.
 Our only goal is helping you meet yours.

Lake Road Advisors wants to help you find the right financial advice.

We've put together a comprehensive whitepaper to learn about different financial designations and organizations, how advisors are compensated, and steps you can take to find the right advice. Click below to get started.

Why Lake Road Advisors?

Fee-Only. Objective. Independent.

We see it all the time - financial advisors trying to sell products before they even get to know their client (aka prescribing before they diagnose).

Lake Road Advisors takes a different approach. We get to know you and learn about your needs first.  We're working for you as a fiduciary and have your best interest in mind.

  We value long term partnerships with our clients and we're committed to guiding you through the financial planning process.


Because With Every Relationship We Provide:


We'll make sure your financial plan is structured for success. 


We'll work with you to make sure your plan is on track.


Objective advice.  


Creating plans to tackle life's
unexpected turns.  


Your success is a team effort (and we love being on a winning team).


Because Of Who We Are 

Lake Road Advisors was founded with a focus on families with young children and business owners, because we are both.  We are well aware of the joy and challenges that each can bring because we live them.  We are in your shoes.  

We think the traditional client/financial adviser relationship is inefficient, overpriced, and has too many conflicts of interest.

So we do things differently.

We merge the advances in automated investing and client interface technology with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ acting as your fiduciary.  We don't use call centers or sales reps. Combining technology and teamwork puts our clients in a position to succeed.

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