My Story              

Financial planning isn’t just a buzzword, it’s the cornerstone to building your solid financial future. 
You have big plans. Starting or growing your family. Buying a home. Taking memory-building vacations. Saving for college. Getting ready for retirement. 

All of this is within reach if you start planning now. 

But navigating a complex financial world to make those aspirations a reality can feel overwhelming. 

What should I invest in? Stocks? Bonds? Real Estate? Are my current investments underperforming? What happens when the stock market takes another dive?  There is so much to learn, how do I know where to start?
I’m Paul Sydlansky.  I founded Lake Road Advisors to help people just like you take the confusion and anxiety out of financial planning. 

My very first finance class sparked my interest in the market. During college, I interned at a small brokerage firm in my hometown and fell in love with the speed, competition, and excitement of the industry.  I earned a BA in Economics from Marist College before launching my career on Wall Street. 

I spent 13 years working with Morgan Stanley, first in the Private Wealth Management Division and then the Institutional Equities Division, working with some of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds.   I also earned my MBA from New York University while growing my career. 

Then in 2009, I became the father of twins. Suddenly, the long commute, even longer hours, and lack of flexibility didn’t seem worth the pay.  By the time our third child arrived in 2011, the aggressive Wall Street lifestyle had lost all appeal.  I wanted to be successful in my career, but I was not willing to sacrifice my family life. So in 2012, my wife and I put family first and moved to upstate New York for a better quality of life. 

I founded Lake Road Advisors because I believe there is a less complicated, transparent method to provide financial planning services. I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  to help families and small business owners create clear paths to achieve their goals. My time on Wall Street gave me a unique perspective into the financial system and the industry as a whole. I knew that there was a more effective and efficient way to help people navigate the confusing financial landscape. 

Charting a path to reach your goals shouldn’t be stressful, it should feel exciting. When you think about the dreams you have for your future, you should feel happy and confident.

How would it feel to know that your forever house is within reach? Or that college is covered? How would it feel if you could retire early to travel the world? Or knowing that someday you can leave a legacy to a charity you believe in? 

Together we will plan the route to get you there.